Item # 205 - Plain Frame Mesh Cap Veil (For use with Item # 502)


Veil for Plain Frame Mesh Cap (Item #502).  The front edge of the veil is contoured to perfectly fit the Plain Frame Mesh Cap.  It has an "inner pocket" at the front edge, which the mesh frame fits into.  You may secure the veil to the frame by sewing it on permanently, attaching Velcro, or some other attachment method.  Please note that we do not attach veils to mesh frames.  The way veils are attached to frames is up to the end user. Available in black, white, and navy blue.  Overall lengths of 20", 22", 24" and 26".


*Note that images are for display purposes only and may show a white band with the veils. Veils do not come with white bands, as bands are part of the caps or frames worn with the veils.